With so many clinics to choose from and no way to know without first personally visiting them, which is usually just too expensive and not feasible, HOW DO YOU CHOOSE?

There is only ONE way.

We are the ONLY clinic with a FREE TREATMENT  GUARANTEE!

If any of the following is not true you will receive a FREE TREATMENT

  • Our facility is exactly as portrayed by the pictures on our website.
  • We have licensed doctors and a doctor as an owner.
  • We have licensed nurses round the clock.
  • We are fully licensed by the Mexican Government.
  • We use only the finest 99.8% pure Ibogaine HCL.
  • We have a full time Nutritionist and Chef.
  • We have all the state of the art medical equipment needed.
  • We do extensive pre treatment medical testing.
  • We have a staff psychologist and provide aftercare when you return home.

*This is not a guarantee that an Ibogaine Treatment is always a 100% success. Nor is it a guarantee against a patient relapsing. It is a guarantee solely that we are what we say we are and are willing to prove it.