Ibogaine Treatment for Chronic Addiction

Ibogaine is a Western African shrub with psychedelic properties, undoubtedly a boon to people struggling & craving from any chronic drug addiction. Drug rehabs over the globe use this psychedelic drug to treat multifarious drugs craving like cocaine, heroin, crack, methadone, suboxone, etc. On consuming the dose of ibogaine it reset pleasuring receptors of drugs in the body and also uproots symptoms of addiction.

The good thing about Ibogaine is that it is non-addictive as well as doesn’t need to be taken on a regular basis; Ibogaine therapy is very effective if experienced under the wings of specialized therapist & doctors. The complete detoxification of body via ibogaine treatment include

  • Cleansing the body of the drugs
  • Reset of brain’s neuron chemistry
  • Lifetime sobriety from drugs
  • Effective in treating drug addiction like dopamine, cold turkey & several other fatal drugs.
  • Help addicted person to feel better more quickly
  • Also work for alcohol addiction and Parkinson’s disease

How Ibogaine Treatment for Addiction Work

When Harvard Lotsof introduced ibogaine to the west it became controversial and sensation mostly in the medical field due to its psychoactive, mind-altering and hallucination-inducing effects. Aplethora of sittings and debate were conducted gradually ibogaine treatment became popular and people who are scrambling hard to quit their addiction this method of treatment helped them to get rid of craving of addiction.

Addiction treatment Process at Genesis Ibogaine Centeris tailored effectively in keeping every single aspect of treatment & health in mind. The entire process of healing the diverse range of drug addiction is broken-down into 3 phases.

  • Intense Health Checkup:At the initial stage, patient will undergo complete lab tests, blood tests, liver panel & EKG at last cardiologist will provide medical clearance on the first day at the clinic. In addition, a patient will get help to prepare himself undergo the treatment process.
  • Assessment Process: In this phase complete evaluation of health and craving for drug addiction are evaluated as well as doctors and staff will help you morally, spiritually and physically. Two doctors and nurses will be provided throughout the treatment process.
  • Treatment Process:A small dose of ibogaine HCL is administered and a flood dose is provided. After 45 minutes to an hour later you probably feel a tingling warm and buzzing sound and then the visions start. This phase is very crucial because the whole process is about to deal with your personal issues over and over again, however, you will get complete assistant from doctors and specialized therapist. This phase lasts from 12 to 36 hours.

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As we have mentioned above that Ibogaine contains very high psychedelic substances that can cause a serious health issue. So if, you are looking for ibogaine treatment it is recommended that you should seek for specialized doctors and the complete process should be done at ibogaine clinics after complete health checkup