Ibogaine Treatment


Welcome to The Genesis Ibogaine Treatment Center information page. We are the premier clinic for Ibogaine substance abuse elimination. Our quality control standards are high, and our medical personnel are among the best in the business. Our goal is to completely eliminate your substance abuse with no withdrawal symptoms or cravings.


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*This is a basic outline of what to expect during your Ibogaine Treatment

Upon arrival the patient goes through an initial intake. Medical and psychological questions are answered and a physical exam is given. Medications are also prescribed so the patient will have no withdrawals, cravings or discomfort before treatment.. The patient takes lab tests, full blood tests, liver panel, and EKG and the cardiologist provides medical clearance the first or second day in the clinic. These days are also very important because it allows the patient to settle in, get comfortable, and to prepare for the treatment mentally, physically and spiritually.

The day of treatment patient is not allowed to eat solid food from midnight the night before, the day we start. The day begins at 9:00 A.M. Our Reiki Master will perfom Reiki if the patient so desires. Once the consent form is signed the I.V. is started, you are hooked to ICU monitoring equipment and you will receive two types of IV medication for treating nausea .

Two doctors and two nurses will be in attendance throughout your treatment. A small dose of Ibogaine HCL is administred, a test dose, to check there is no allergic reaction to the Ibogaine, and after 30 minutes you will receive the full dose or “flood dose” orally. 45 minutes to an hour later you will start feeling a tingling warm sensation, hearing a humming or buzzing sound and then the visions start.
After the initial 4 to 6 hours of intense visions the second phase, starts we call this second phase processing. Considered to be the most important part of the treatment, it’s been described as forced psychoanalysis or forced meditation. This is a very introspective phase where you are face your personal issues over and over until you sort them out. This phase lasts from 12 to 36 hours.

The day after the Ibogaine Treatment you will feel exhausted and you will have difficulty sleeping with no cravings or withdrawal. During this day we encourage you to eat, drink, move around, in anticipation of a well deserved massage in the evening.

You may, if necessary, then receive another small dose of Ibogaine. This helps to eliminate any residual withdrawal symptoms, and to increase the beneficial effects of the Ibogaine for a long period of time. With this dose you don’t get the visions. In the afternoon you may be able to leave the facility with supervision or enjoy the scenic beach outside. You will have a privite session with one of our psychologists.

Then it’s time to focus on the after care plan and what life is like after your Ibogaine treatment. We provide recommendations for therapy, nutrition, supplements and if needed, medication. Some patients spend these days going shopping or other outdoor activities.