Other Addictions

In addition to treatments for addictions to substances that are viewed as the most serious such as addictions to heroin and cocaine, treatment at Genesis Ibogaine Center is also available for addictions that ruin lives but don’t get as much publicity or are not so dramatic.

Addictions to cigarettes, marijuana, pornography and food, while not making news headlines on a weekly basis are widespread and often do take away the joy of living.

These addictions are similar to the aforementioned more serious addictions because underlying problems are the same.

Addictions are Really Two Addictions in One

A fundamental understanding in the addiction treatment community is that addicted patients arrive in their addicted state often suffering from two addictions.

The first is a physical addiction to their drug of choice (such as cigarettes, marijuana, pornography and food). Craving and withdrawal symptoms can be signs of physical addiction.

The second addiction is the psychological addiction; the addiction to substances and things that ameliorate or soften the pain caused by negative emotions of hatred, shame, fear and loathing they possess, directed predominantly at themselves but also others who have harmed them. This overwhelming desire to escape from depressing, horrifying and crippling emotions, especially that of self-hatred and to escape to a chemical induced state of happiness, is the second engine of addiction.

These physical and emotional cravings for relief must be removed before the addiction cycle can be permanently interrupted.

Ibogaine Relieves both Physical and Emotional Craving

The reason Ibogaine is so effective is that Ibogaine often relieves the patient from both their physical as well as their psychological addiction. After Ibogaine treatment, patients oftentimes report complete freedom from both physical cravings and psychological addiction.

The general way physical cravings are chemically reduced by Ibogaine treatment is understood to a large degree however it is largely of a technical nature, and to the layman, difficult to comprehend. Please consult references which are listed in the Resources section of this website.

The aspect of bringing the patient to a psychological state where they can release their emotional baggage especially that of self-hatred is the second key to the success of Ibogaine treatment.

Patients frequently state that Ibogaine allowed them to clearly see the truth not only about themselves but also the situation where they have come from. This allows them to forgive themselves and others, thus allowing them to be freed from the past which has created painful subconscious beliefs and emotions which drove them to destructive behavior in an effort to quiet and soften those emotions.

Just as importantly, patients also report that the truth that is revealed to them by Ibogaine is also the truth about the beauty of their future, without addiction.

These truths and the forgiveness that accompanies them and this vision of the beautiful future that awaits them frees them from the need and desire to medicate painful emotions – because they no longer exist, and motivates them to stay addiction free; having seen a vision of the future which is theirs, free of the corruption and enslavement of addiction.

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