Ibogaine Treatment for Heroin – Opiate Addiction

treatment for heroin addictionThe use of opiates such as Heroin has increased dramatically over the past years and there are more people addicted to opiates and pills than ever before.

Ibogaine is an essential tool in eliminating the terrible physical withdrawal symptoms that heroin produces such as cold sweats, shakes, fever, and vomiting.aine

It is also an excellent aid in releasing the memories and past situations that led to addiction in the first place.

The broad class of opiates includes heroin, codeine, oxycontin, hydrocodone, and morphine. The effects of these drugs are broadly categorized as central nervous system depressants. Users often report these drugs as producing euphoria or ecstatic happiness. This effect on the emotions and mind is in part what causes the addictive nature of the drugs. Heroin, probably the most widely abused of the opiate class, is considered by many to be one of the more dangerous substances the world. Most view trying to get over a heroin addiction as near hopeless. This near hopelessness ruins lives by the thousands.

The danger of opiate addiction lies not only in the destructive effects it has on the human mind and body but also in its tremendously powerful addictive nature, again, brought about by its effect on the mind. Some report symptoms of addiction in as little as one “fix” of the drug.

The second part of opiate addiction that makes it so dangerous occurs when the addict tries to quit. When the addict tries to quit or when they are unavailable to the addict, the mind becomes cloudy and the addict finds it hard to function. Withdrawal begins.

Withdrawal from Opiates

Physical symptoms can include cardiac arrhythmia, strokes, seizures, dehydration, tremors, cramps, muscle and bone pain, chills, sweating, tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), itching, restless legs syndrome, flu-like symptoms, rhinitis (runny, inflamed nose), yawning, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, and restlessness.

Psychological symptoms can include suicide attempts, sadness, malaise, cravings, anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia,

How effective is Ibogaine for the Treatment of opiates Addiction?

Ibogaine has been shown to have approximately a 80-90% rate of success for opiate addiction. In addition to this high rate of treatment success, it takes as little as one week with one twelve to thirty-six hour treatment, for treatment with Ibogaine to help end your opiate addiction.

Typical statistics quoted for success at standard opiates rehabilitation centers using either the twelve step program or a variation of it, or some other non-Ibogaine method of drug treatment, often generally range from 1% to 4%.

Furthermore, historical standard treatment can take from 1 to 3 months but can range to one year. The cost is also necessarily very high, typically ranging from twenty to fifty thousand dollars per month.

Treatment with Ibogaine Can End Your opiate Addiction by Addressing Both the Physical and Psychological Components of Your Addiction and eliminating withdrawals and all cravings.

Addiction to opiates is two addictions in one. First is the physical addiction and the other is the psychological addiction.

The reason why Ibogaine is so effective is because it addresses both of these addictions. After treatment with Ibogaine, patients report a complete elimination of physical craving and a total absence of the symptoms of physical withdrawal.

Furthermore, it has a psycho-spiritual effect that helps the patient deal with the underlying emotional scars that addicts seek to escape from through their use of mind and mood altering substances. Administration of Ibogaine allows the patient to see the truth of their past and are facilitated in bestowing universal forgiveness and understanding to others but most importantly to themselves. As a result of this revelation, they are able to envision their future, beautiful as it truly is; freed from the emotional baggage of the past that had enslaved them.

Amazingly, after Ibogaine treatment, most patients report complete freedom from both physical cravings and psychological addiction.

See our Testimonials section on this website to hear, firsthand how treatment with Ibogaine has given new life to many previously hopeless addicts.

Ibogaine Treatment for opiates Addiction

If you or a loved one suffers from addiction to opiates, getting Ibogaine treatment can dramatically end that addiction in as little as one week, giving the patient a new life of freedom and opportunity; freed from all chemical dependence.

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