Ibogaine Treatment for Cocaine and Crack Addiction

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Approximately 25% of people that use Cocaine become dependent on the feeling of well-being it produces. However, the high wears off quickly and so users become more and more dependent on the drug to feel good.

Ibogaine  eliminates the symptoms of Cocaine and Crack withdrawal, such as depression, trouble concentrating, increased appetite and somnolence.

Ibogaine besides eliminating all withdrawals and cravings and re setting the brain’ opiate receptors also helps in resetting the neurotransmitters of the brain. The ones that have been damaged due to excessive Cocaine and Crack use.

Addiction to cocaine or to one of its cousins such as crack cocaine is one of the most common. Evidence of that fact is not only the widespread use by celebrities such as Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Robert Downy Jr. and Paris Hilton, but also statistics that indicate worldwide consumption at approximately six hundred metric tons a year with the US consuming an estimated one-half of that amount.

Cocaine, in its many forms can be ingested, snorted or injected. Despite the fact that is illegal to possess in most countries, it is still one of the most readily available,

Cocaine Effects and Addiction

Of the most commonly used addictive substances, the effects of cocaine lasts the shortest amount of time in the human body. Depending on its purity and how it is ingested, its euphoric effects can last as little as two minutes and as long as only a few hours. This shorter period of euphoria triggers craving and withdrawal more quickly and frequently than most other drugs so addicts must re-supply themselves more often, making the addiction even more enslaving.

Although this feature of rapid exit from the body might lend itself to decreased addiction, its ability to alter moods more than compensates for its short lived effect. In fact, cocaine’s ability to change a person’s mood from somber to ecstatic makes it one of the most addictive of substances. Some studies indicate that crack cocaine may be the most addictive of the commonly abused drugs.

How effective is Ibogaine for the Treatment of Cocaine Addiction?

Typical statistics quoted for success at standard drug rehab centers using either the twelve step program or a variation of it, or some other non-Ibogaine method of drug treatment, are only 1% to 4% of all addicts are freed from their cocaine or cocaine derivative addiction. Furthermore, treatment is typically 3 to six months but can range from 30 days to one year. The cost is also necessarily very high, typically ranging from thirty to fifty thousand dollars per month. Finally, current treatments modalities often involve the use of substitute drugs like Suboxone or methadone; replacing an addiction to an illegal substance to a legal one.

Ibogaine has been shown to have approximately a 80-90% rate of success for drug addiction and substance abuse, especially with cocaine. In addition to this high rate of treatment success, it takes as little as one week with one thirty-six hour treatment, for treatment with Ibogaine to help end your cocaine addiction.

Ibogaine treatment for cocaine can end your cocaine addiction by Addressing Both the Physical and Psychological Components of Your Addiction

Addiction to cocaine is normally two addictions in one. First is the physical addiction and the other is the psychological addiction.

The reason why Ibogaine is so effective is because it addresses both of these addictions. After treatment with Ibogaine, patients often report a complete elimination of physical craving and an absence of the symptoms of physical withdrawal

Furthermore, it has a psycho-spiritual effect that helps the patient deal with the underlying emotional scars that addicts seek to escape from through their use of mind and mood altering substances. Administration of Ibogaine allows the patient to see the truth of their past and are facilitated in bestowing universal forgiveness and understanding to others but most importantly to themselves. As a result of this revelation, they are able to envision their future, beautiful as it truly is; freed from the emotional baggage of the past that had enslaved them.

Amazingly, after Ibogaine treatment, patients report complete freedom from both physical cravings and psychological addiction.

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Ibogaine Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

If you or a loved one suffers from any kind of cocaine addiction, getting Ibogaine treatment can dramatically end that addiction in as little as one week, giving the patient a new life of freedom and opportunity; freed from all chemical dependence and the devastation that comes with it.

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