100% Reliable Ibogaine Treatment for Addiction

Breaking the avidity of several chemical dependency Ibogaine treatments for addiction has treated millions of drug addicted around the world especially in the United States. For people who are unaware of this treatment method – Ibogaine is a psychoactive alkaloid derived from a plant that is found only in the western African forest used by the people of Bwiti tribe for multifarious ceremonies. Very first Howard Lotsof used this shrub in late 70 to get rid of his heroin addiction. Ibogaine has completely transformed the process of treating several addictions of drugs, any chronic drug addiction can be treated using Ibogaine treatment.

Experience Ibogaine Treatment for Addiction

There are several proven facts available over the internet as well that a single dose of ibogaine can make you free from craving of any drug. This method of treating has already scored a success rate from 70% to 95%, when it comes to breaking the addiction of any fatal drug, for instance, cocaine, methadone, heroin, crack, etc. Ibogaine is one of the most effective barrier to prevent drug addiction. Even addiction to alcohol or any other mental health issued can also be cured using this psychoactive alkaloid.

Treatment Process of Ibogaine for Addiction

The treatment process of Ibogaine for addiction is very flexible as well as completely safe if performed under the wings of Ibogaine experts doctors & therapists. You can expect more reliable treatment option when it is compared to regular substance treating options. When it comes to treating patient completely most of the drug rehab eradicate addiction by giving a new addiction, for instance, heroin addiction is treated by many regular drug rehab by methadone & suboxone which are also the fatal drugs.

At “Genesis Ibogaine Center” we don’t believe in making patients sober, we make sure patient undergoes a clinic process which not only kills the bugs of addiction but also washes the craving from the mind, body & soul. We use the most emphatic process of killing addiction and ibogaine makes it more effective.

Ibogaine Treatment is also used to treat several mental health issues & also in used in treating Parkinson diseases.