Ibogaine Therapy – An Alternative Treatment Option

Ibogaine is a potent psychedelic shrub from western Africa that is used to alleviates physical & mental craving & symptoms from the body by complete detoxification of chemical substance dependency. Ibogaine therapy also reset & refresh the opiate receptors sites. In an Ibogaine drug rehab, this process is completed under the wings of professional & experienced doctors.

However, there are several other treatment options are available to heal addiction but unlike other medication, Ibogaine therapy is completely non-addictive and once you undergo the ibogaine treatment you don’t have to take it on regular basis. Moreover, this is a unique treatment option that can deal with all types of chronic drug addiction because it addresses the craving receptors directly and create sobriety in the mind and improve the physical level as well.

Ibogaine therapy is not limited up to treating drug addiction, more intense research has shown that this western African shrub can deliver more, for instance, healing the sex & alcohol addiction. Several results have shown that this is most effective treatment method for Parkinson disease. Ibogaine therapy gives you boldly life with complete sobriety for the lifetime.

At “Genesis Ibogaine Center” we use ibogaine therapy to treat several addictions, disorders, disease and mental issues. The spirit of Iboga (another name of ibogaine) has emerged as a never ending hope for the manhood and this method of treating addiction is completely natural, effective and safe. Read more about Ibogaine Treatment