Choosing an Ibogaine Treatment Clinic

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The best way to choose an Ibogaine  treatment clinic would be to visit the clinic in person, then interview the doctors, staff and other patients. However, due to geographical locations and cost this is not always feasible or possible. Below is a list of the top 10 criteria/ questions you should ask yourself before settling on a good Ibogaine clinic. Not only must they say they meet the qualifications, they should be able to provide verifiable proof that they actually do meet the criteria to be considered a quality Ibogaine treatment center.

1. Is the Ibogaine treatment center registered and licensed as a business in Mexico?

Yes, we are fully licensed, on the Municipal, State and Federal Levels.

2. Is the Ibogaine treatment center a true MEDICAL clinic? Not just a spa, or after care facility?

Yes, we are a fully licensed Medical Treatment Center, as only a clinic with a doctor as an owner can be.

3. Does the clinic have at least one Doctor that is either an owner or a full time staff member of the treatment center?

Yes, we have 6 Medical doctors, Anesthesiologists, Trauma Specialists, a GP, a Surgeon and 1 PhD, Also, 1 MD and 1 PhD are owners.

4. On the medical staff, are the nurses and EMT’s (Emergency Medical Technicians) licensed in Mexico?

Yes, all are fully licensed in Mexico and two are licensed in the USA as well.

5. Does the medical staff have a certified psychologist on staff?

Yes, two, one addiction specialist with a PhD in Psychology and one is a co-owner with a PhD in Psychology.

6. Does the clinic have all the necessary monitoring equipment for monitoring for medical emergencies?

Yes, we have more operating room and ICU certified equipment to meet the regulations that are required of any hospital to ensure complete safety at all times.

7. Are there at least 2 staff members on duty at all times to perform 24 hour monitoring of patients and to answer phone calls?

Yes, there are a minimum of 2 staff members on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

8. Does the clinic do a full blood work up and EKG?

Yes, we do a full blood spectrum, liver panel and cardiograph by a cardiologist and any other tests that may be required.

9. Does the clinic use 99.8% pure Ibogaine HCL only?

Yes we do, the government certificate is available for your inspection.

11. Does the clinic have a GUARANTEE ?

We are the only clinic that does. Please read about it in OUR GUARANTEE PAGE.

12. Have you checked the internet for complaints against the Ibogaine treatment center you are considering?

The above questions provide a good place to start on your journey to selecting the most qualified Ibogaine Treatment Center for your needs. And yes, we meet those qualifications and would be happy to provide you with the proof you need for the peace of mind that comes ONLY from choosing a reputable Ibogaine clinic. Genesis Ibogaine Treatment Center, located in Rosarito Beach Mexico is here to help!

With so many ibogaine clinics to choose from and no way to know without first personally visiting them, which is usually just too expensive and not feasible, HOW DO YOU CHOOSE?

There is only ONE way.

We are the ONLY clinic with a FREE TREATMENT  GUARANTEE!

If any of the following is not true you will receive a FREE TREATMENT

Our facility is exactly as portrayed by the pictures on our website.

We have licensed doctors and a doctor as an owner.

We have licensed nurses round the clock.

We are fully licensed by the Mexican Government.

We use only the finest 99.7% pure Ibogaine HCL.

We have a full time Nutritionist and Chef.

What really makes it all worthwhile!