Conditions Treated by Ibogaine


Ibogaine treatment has been proven to be a most effective tool in providing a life-changing experience to those suffering from addictions. Ibogaine  re-sets the neurotransmitters and opiate receptors in the brain.

It allows the addiction to be healed in a way no other treatment plan can offer. Ibogaine offers a ninety percent success rate for patients to achieve a life free from addiction and to experience life the way it was meant to be

Ibogaine works like a miracle for nearly any type of addiction. One’s addiction does not have to be to drugs. Ibogaine treatment can be successful for treating addictions such as eating disorders, and more. By getting to the root cause for addiction, Ibogaine helps clear the mind for a future free from any addiction and a life full of possibilities

Below is a list of the conditions Ibogaine has been used to treat . . .