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Importance of Aftercare in Recovery and the Unique and Exclusive Genesis Aftercare Programs


The Move from Ibogaine Treatment to Aftercare

It is tempting for those who have made it through an Ibogaine treatment program to conclude that their problems are over. Getting help for an addiction is a great achievement but it is not the end of the story. It would be fairer to say that the real work begins after the initial treatment period. This is why it is generally agreed that some type of aftercare is required, particularly during the first couple of months of recovery.

Aftercare Defined

Aftercare refers to any subsequent interventions that follow the initial treatment. In the case of addiction treatment, it will often refer to the additional support that is given following release from the residential part of the program. This may occur in the form of support groups, booster sessions, counseling, or follow-up meetings. The aftercare can be in the form of debriefings, or it may involve teaching new skills and coping strategies.

The Risk of Relapse

Up to 50% of those who make it through an Ibogaine treatment program will later relapse. Those who relapse may never get another opportunity to recover. This is a depressing fact, but the good news is that relapse is preventable. The highest risk of relapse is during the first 60 days following discharge from treatment. Aftercare increaes the success rate to over 95%.

Treatment, Aftercare Programs and Packages

  • Program 1


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  • Program 2

    7 Day Ibogaine Treatment + 1 Week Aftercare $7,500

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  • Program 3

    1 Week Detox + 7 Day Ibogaine Treatment + 1 Week Aftercare $9,000

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  • Program 4

    7 Day Ibogaine Treatment + 30 days Aftercare $11,500

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  • Program 5

    The Exclusive Genesis EARN AND LEARN Program

    7 Day Ibogaine Treatment + 1 week Aftercare + 1 month work program at our plant and tree nursery or farm or ranch with a Paid Salary !

    *Must Qualify

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