7 Days To Freedom


Ibogaine therapy has been proven to be an effective and life-changing experience for those suffering from drug addiction and mental illness. Patients experience an immediate relief from withdrawal symptoms. And within 24-72 hours they will experience a life completely free of withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Ibogaine treatments also provide the opportunity for an individual to truly gain a unique perspective, and enriched understanding of their own life.

About 95% of patients treated for addiction maintain sobriety with a single treatment. Our state of the art facility is the only fully staffed, medically licensed Ibogaine Center that treats drug and alcohol addiction as well as psychiatric disorders in Mexico. Our all-inclusive treatment and stay at our facility typically lasts for one week (7 days).

Ibogaine treatment is individualized according to the level of opioid tolerance. In cases where a patient is heavily dependent upon narcotic analgesics such as Oxycontin, Methadone, or Heroin the treatment duration may make a slightly longer stay necessary. Our patients arrive in San Diego and are picked up and cared for as one of our own. When you arrive at our beachfront hospital you will be warmly greeted by staff and shown to your individual room where you can unpack and unwind. In preparation for your stay, we will search your bags to make sure no potentially dangerous substances were brought with you and you will meet with the doctor to determine medical needs, specific to you, so we can keep you stable, without withdrawal symptoms.

This is a voluntary treatment and your desire and intention to heal is a major factor in the effectiveness of Ibogaine. It will unchain you and show you the way to a new life. You will then have an evaluation with our psychologist to assess your mental and addictive states, and undergo a medical screening, if it was not done before hand. The treatment coordinator will have pre-screened you over the phone before your arrival and have you fill out our application for treatment, which your treating physician will approve. However, once you arrive an EKG/ECG and blood work (basic metabolic panel to assess liver function) will be performed before any Ibogaine is administered.

  • We accept adults suffering from single or poly-substance abuse and psychological disorders.
  • We will not treat underage patients.
  • All inquiries are completely confidential and will be answered with discretion.
  • Your privacy is extremely important to our clinic