Iboga vs. Ibogaine HCL

1-18-2014 12-57-34 PM


Iboga vs. Ibogaine HCL

There are two main forms of Ibogaine containing material which can be bought from vendors or administered by providers, healers, or shaman for psycho spiritual development or addiction treatment. Those two forms and the advantages and disadvantages of each will be talked about briefly here.

The Iboga root bark is just as it sounds straight from the plant and unprocessed with the exception of some vendors grinding it to make it easier to consume. This is the way it is taken during the Bwiti initiation. It is much harder to get large doses of the root bark down than pure Ibogaine HCL but it is significantly cheaper, but full of dangerous toxins.

Do not use whole root or root bark, it contains only trace amounts of alkaloids. Some vendors sell the whole root, besides the small amount of bark found in the powdered whole root it is mostly inactive and is a waste of money.

Avoid providers who use Iboga, it is impure, contains toxins and unknown alkaloids, causes vomiting, cannot be accurately measured in medical dosages and therefore dangerous.

Ibogaine HCL is the purified form of the Iboga root.

It is currently being manufactured  by only one pharmaceutical company and is 99.8% or more pure, thus devoid of any harmful toxins.

Also, Iboga since it is impure cannot possibly be given in proper dosages as it is impossible to calculate.

This is extremely dangerous in too large a dose and worthless in too small a dose.

It is pure guesswork and useless.

However, Ibogaine HCL, being 99.8% pure is easily and accurately administered in the proper correct dosages, making it safe, accurate and reliable as well as free from any dangerous toxins.

While almost every Ibogaine provider claims they use Ibogaine HCL, sadly they do not.

Demand proof of the use by the provider of Ibogaine HCL before choosing a provider.